Several tablets are available to inhibit the transmission of chemical messengers that produce sweat. These family of drugs are termed ‘anticholinergics’, and they can be helpful in reducing sweating. All forms of excessive sweating including sweaty hands, feet, underarm sweating and compensatory hyperhidrosis can improve on tablets. The flip side is that some patients will experience side-effects such as excessive tiredness, sedation, and dry mouth syndrome.

Facts on tablets for sweating

  • Anticholinergics are tablets used to inhibit chemicals that stimulate sweating
  • Propantheline bromide is the most commonly prescribed drug
  • Anti-sweat medications are most useful if sweating is generalised or involves the face and scalp area
  • Anti-sweat tablets can also reduce cases of underarm sweating, excessive sweating of the hands and feet, as well as rebound sweating
  • Sweating will return when tablets are ceased, as tablets are not a long term ‘cure’ for excessive sweating
  • At Sweat Free we often use tablets in the first phase of sweat management and we often combine treatments such as anti-sweat creams, antiperspirants and iontophoresis
  • Excessive sweat production can also be caused by certain tablets such as anti-depressives

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