Excess sweating can occur in any area of the body, and the groin is no exception. Hyperhidrosis of this area can be uncomfortable and often creates chaffing of clothes, which in turn can create skin irritation. Sweating in this area can also create problems in social and sexual relationships. Sweating in this area can be difficult to treat, however simple measures such as avoidance of skin irritants such as harsh soap can help reduce chaffing. Wearing loose clothing can also reduce irritation. The majority of patients who experience excessive sweating in the groin area will benefit from a combination of treatments including compounded anti-sweating creams, topical antiperspirants and in some cases sweat stopping treatments injections.

Facts on sweating in the groin and buttock area

  • Excess sweating in the groin area can cause skin irritation due to chaffing
  • We understand that excess sweating in this area can lead to significant social embarrassment and limits what you wear
  • Wearing loose clothing can reduce skin irritation
  • Treatments include the use of special compounded creams
  • sweat stopping treatments to this area can be successful, however must be done with extreme caution

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