Compensatory hyperhidrosis is a common event that occurs after ETS or endoscopic thoracic symapathectomy. This is a form of rebound sweating that can occur on parts of the body that were not affected from sweating like sweaty palms. This form of excessive sweating can occur on the trunk, underarms, limbs, face, and scalp. Once compensatory hyperhidrosis occurs, it often persists. Effective treatments are possible. The Specialist at Sweat Free Clinic use a combination of creams, tablets and in some cases sweat stopping treatments injections to help reduce the inconvenience of compensatory sweating.

Facts on compensatory sweating

  • This form of excessive sweating commonly occurs after endoscopic thoracic surgery
  • Compensatory excessive hyperhidrosis is also called reflex or rebound sweating
  • The most common presenatation is that rebound sweating occurs after ETS surgery for excessive sweating of the hands or underarms
  • Compensatory hyperhidrosis is a form of neuropathy and can also occur after myelopathy, thoracic disease and nerve trauma
  • A combination of treatments including antiperspirants, tablets, and compounded creams can manage the majority of cases of compensatory sweating
  • Treatment for compensatory sweating often needs to be lifelong

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