Surgery of sweating involves several techniques including Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy, or localised surgery involved at destroying the eccrine or sweat glands. Localised surgery can only be performed on excessive armpit sweating and not on areas such as the hands and feet. Techniques such as liposuction, excision, curretage and laser have been used in the past, but these techniques have been replaced with sweat stopping treatments injections. Patients who have severe sweating of the armpits are entitled to Medicare rebates for this procedure.

Facts on surgery for sweat glands

  • This procedure can only be performed on the armpit areas
  • Excessive sweatiness of the hands and feet can not be treated this way
  • Surgery can be localised, this involves destroying the sweat glands
  • Surgery can also be aimed at interruption of signals which initiates sweating a procedure called ETS
  • Localised destruction of sweat glands involves curettage, laser, excision and liposuction
  • Surgical procedure have been replaced with sweat stopping treatments injections as a rebate now applies for treating excessive sweating in the armpit area

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