Special compounded creams can be tailor made for patients with excessive sweating. These creams can be used in areas such as the hands, feet, face and focal (spots) that exhibit excessive sweat glands. The concentration and type of the agent used depends on many factors including the location of sweating, the skin sensitivity of the patient, and the side effect profile.

Facts on compounded creams for sweating

  • Specialist at Sweat Free can prescribe specially formulated creams
  • The concentration of anti-sweat agents can be individually tailored for each patient
  • Anti-sweat creams can be used on sweaty hands, feet, face, and cases of compensatory or rebound sweating
  • The majority of creams are anti-cholinergic and work by decreasing the activation of nerves which cause you to sweat
  • Creams are best applied at night and washed off several hours later
  • Antiperspirants such as Driclor still remain as the first line of treatment

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