Adelaide in South Australia joins the Sweat Free team. Dr Chris Duguid, Consultant Dermatologist leads the Adelaide branch of Sweat Free Clinics.
Chris is a dermatologist who graduated from Adelaide University. His dermatology training was conducted in Ireland and the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Chris consults at Ashford Dermatology in Plympton South Australia. He is a National trainer for the use of injections for underarm sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis).

Apart from treating axillary sweating, dermatologists are also experts in the treatment of excessive palmar hyperhidrosis (sweaty hands). Adelaide Ashford Dermatology is looking to start up an iontophoresis treatment clinic for sweaty hands in the later half of 2013.

For more information on sweat treatments in Adelaide call Ashford Dermatology on 08 8293 7440

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