Age 16

Simple tasks like doing homework is a million times harder with sweaty hands. Can’t hold a pen, I stuff up my textbooks, and the mouse is full of sweat. No one really understands until you suffer from sweaty hands. I don’t hold hands with chicks, I never shake hands, I don’t high five…

Sweat Free has provided me with a simple method of treating my sweaty palms. Glyco ionto works, yeah, it’s a pain in the ar*e spending 20 minutes every two weeks to treat my hands, but unless you have sweaty hands, you wouldn’t understand.

Specialist comment

Sweaty hands has a massive impact on all aspects of teenage life, including schooling, bonding with the opposite sex and confidence. Most cases of palmar hyperhidrosis start in the early teens, in the majority of cases persists into adult life. Mild cases respond to Driclor or tap water iontophoresis. More severe cases respond well to glyco ionto. Iontophoresis is not a cure for sweaty hands, however 80% of patients respond to this simple and risk free treatment.

Dr Davin Lim

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