Antiperspirants work best for patients who suffer from mild hyperhidrosis. Moderate to severe sweaters are less responsive to antiperspirants, and will often develop a secondary rash. There are several methods to reduce skin irritation if this occurs-

  1. Always apply the antiperspirant to dry skin only. Apply at night, after a shower, dab the skin dry or use a hairdryer on the ‘cool setting’
  2. Start application every second night, and increase accordingly
  3. If a rash occurs, you can use some 1% Hydrocortisone cream to the area. Apply up to twice a day to the irritated area.

In reality, most patients with significant sweating will not benefit from strong antiperspirants as their sweating is just too severe. This is where other treatments such as sweat stopping treatments, iontophoresis, compounded creams and ETS comes in.  Our team will guide you as to what is the best treatment for your sweat pattern.

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