Age 19

I started sweating around my underarms when I was in Grade 8, I just thought it was normal. I saw a few doctors in Toowoomba and all of them told me to use stuff from the pharmacies. Nothing really worked. I always felt uncomfortable when I went out on dates, its just awkward. I Googled a few things on sweat treatments, but nothing really in Toowoomba. I drove down to Brisbane to see the Sweat Free Clinic, and had sweat stopping treatments for my underarm sweating. One week later it has stopped. I get a top up every 8 months. It really is that simple.

Specialist comment

Underarm sweating or axillary hyperhidrosis is very common, and affects at least one in every thirty people. Mild axillary sweating can usually be controlled with over the counter antiperspirants such as DRICLOR or Rexona.
The recent PBS listing for sweat stopping treatments has made this treatment life-changing for many patients. The procedure take only 10 minutes to perform, and lasts for up to 7 months.

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