Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that affects 3% of the population, and is defined as excessive sweating which impacts on a person’s life. Excessive sweating may cause embarrassment, social stigmata, and emotional trauma. It can impact on school, work, relationships, and have a bearing on self-confidence and self-image. In Australia this condition is not well managed, and the majority of patients do not know where to seek help for their conditon.

Facts on hyperhidrosis

  • This is a medical condition due to excessive sweating
  • The most common areas of excess sweating include the hands, underarms, feet, face and scalp
  • It affects 3% of the population and most patients do not realise that there are medical treatments available
  • Hyperhidrosis impacts on all aspects of personal life- from schooling, work, relationships and even the types of clothes we wear
  • Most cases excessive sweating is primary, secondary causes such as infections, drugs and thyroid disease account for less than 5% of cases
  • Medicare has finally approved treatments under the PBS for hyperhidrosis

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