Westside Laser Dermatology runs a dedicated Sweat Free Clinic

Westside Dermatology conducts a daily Hyperhidrosis Clinic – treating up to 15 patients per day. This Specialist center has 5 accredited Dermatologists to perform underarm injections for sweating - Dr Davin Lim, Dr Shobhan Manoharan, Dr Scott Webber, Dr Tania Zappla and Dr Shiva Baghaei.

Westside Dermatology also has a purpose built iontophoresis room with 6 Idromed machines operated by a team of Specialist Nurses. Our clinic treats over 2000 cases of hyperhidrosis annually and is Australia’s center of excellence for the management of all forms of sweating. Our team of dermatologists, vascular surgeons, psychologists, and Specialist nurse practitioners provides anti-sweat treatments to the very highest standards. The HH (hyperhidrosis) Clinic manages all forms of sweating, including sweaty hands, feet, underarms, face, scalp and compensatory HH.

For more information on our sweat solutions call 07 3871 34 37.

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