In order to understand what is excessive sweating, we first must understand what normal sweating is. Sweating is normal, whist if excessive sweating places a strain on our daily lives, it can be considered abnormal. If you find that your work, hobbies, schooling, clothes choices and social life is impaired with excessive sweating, then you should consider treating your condition.

Facts on sweating

  • Sweating is normal, and is a way to keep your body from overheating
  • If excessive sweating plays an impact on your life, it can be considered as abnormal
  • There are over 3 million sweat glands on the body
  • Sweat glands or "eccrine glands" are concentrated on the palms, soles, underarms as well as the forehead and scalp area
  • The highest concentration of sweat glands are often the most problematic areas for suffers of hyperhidrosis
  • Sweat glands are activated by nerves from the sympathetic nervous system
  • Anxiety, stress, heat, and drugs can all play a role in excessive sweating
  • Hyperdidrosis can impact on schooling, work and relationships
  • Excessive sweating is poorly managed in the community, however effective treatments are readily available

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