This site is designed as a portal and information site for all patients. It is an Australian based and managed site, independent from drug companies. The purpose of Sweat Free is to help patients understand and manage their excessive sweating.

This site is also an educational site for health professionals including GPs, podiatrists and other health professionals.

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What is excessive sweating?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that affects 3% of the population, and is defined as excessive sweating which impacts on a person’s life. Excessive sweating may cause embarrassment, social stigmata, and emotional trauma. It can impact on school, work, relationships, and have a bearing on self-confidence and self-image. In Australia this condition is not well managed, and the majority of patients do not know where to seek help for their conditon.

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Understanding Sweating

In order to understand what is excessive sweating, we first must understand what normal sweating is. Sweating is normal, whist if excessive sweating places a strain on our daily lives, it can be considered abnormal. If you find that your work, hobbies, schooling, clothes choices and social life is impaired with excessive sweating, then you should consider treating your condition.

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