This is the online version of our highly successful Ionto Dry Course, designed as a teleconsultation course with our Specialist team. We combine state of the art iontophoresis machines with special glyco solution tailored to YOUR sweat pattern. The online course has a similar efficacy as our Ionto Dry Course, however all virtual visits are conducted via teleconsultations at the convenience of your own home.

This online course is open to all patients, Nationally and Internationally. Over 4-6 weeks, we will find the correct ionto settings for your sweaty hands or feet treatment. We have helped hundreds of patients all over Australia, and Internationally. This course is developed by Specialist Dermatologists, and it works!

The Online Ionto Course in brief



  • This is only suitable for sweaty hands and feet
  • You need to have a compatible iontophoresis machine
  • We supply a special solution to add to your iontophoresis- sent by mail
  • Our Specialists will guide you over 4-6 weeks to find the optimal treatment protocols
  • Home treatments are conducted every 4-7 days
  • Each treatment is supervised via Skype Conferencing
  • This program has a success rate of 90% for sweaty hands
  • Once your parameters are set, you continue treatment as needed
  • Life time support is provided for fine tuning your sweat control
  • This is a Specialist course, designed by a team of Consultant Dermatologist and is conduced to the highest medical standards
  • This is a tailored course that is individualized to your sweat pattern
  • With out doubt, this is the best solution for patients who suffer from sweaty hands or feet

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