Sweaty hands? A 10-minute treatment once a week can give you dry hands.

This 4-week personal course is designed to give you the optimal treatment regime for sweaty hands and feet using state-of-the art glyco-iontophoresis. This course is successful in over 90% of cases for sufferers of sweaty hands and feet. Once your optimal programme has been determined, patients undertake their own iontophoresis treatment in the convenience of their own home.

The Ionto Dry Course in brief

  • This course is designed to help patients who suffer from excessive sweating of hands and feet
  • Patients undertake a 4-week course of individualised treatment
  • We use German engineered iontophoresis units with glycopyrrolate solution
  • Patients receive exclusive ongoing support after the course
  • Iontophoresis machines are available to purchase after completion of the course
  • Over 90% of patients will respond to this programme
  • Most patients will only require 10 minutes of maintenance per week to remain dry

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